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Quick Facts

McWhinney’s vision is to create an awe-inspiring destination that will provide a wide range of economic impacts, historic preservation, in addition to environmental and community benefits to the area.

Examples of economic and environmental impacts:

  1. The removal of blighted structures and cabins that are no longer habitable or structurally sound.

  2. The project plans to integrate much desired (rental?) workforce housing opportunities.

  3. The project plans include mitigation efforts to address current and long-term environmental impacts to better protect and preserve the lake and land.

  4. The ____ SF of hotel and entertainment space will provide lifestyle opportunities and amenities for locals and visitors to enjoy year-round.

  5. New outdoor gathering spaces for guests are planned to accommodate casual get-togethers, business meetings and formal events.

  6. Creative and thoughtful sustainability practices are being planned to minimize carbon footprints, create energy efficiencies onsite and ….

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