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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Are you planning to preserve the existing buildings on site?

Answer: Preserving the history and cultural heritage of the Cal Neva is a key focus of our revitalization efforts. Our top priority is focused on the structural integrity of the historic lodge portion of the main building. Our overall goal is to preserve, revitalize, and breathe new life into the historic Circle Bar, Indian Room, casino, and showroom. Several of the existing cabins and the wedding chapel, however, are no longer habitable, posing a safety hazard so they will need to be removed. ​

Question: Will the local community be welcome at the Cal Neva?

Answer: We believe that the long-term success of the Cal Neva depends on the local community embracing the project. If it is a place where the locals love to come, then visitors will want to come also. We understand how important the Cal Neva property is to the community and are excited to showcase many spaces for locals to enjoy such as: the Circle Bar, casino, new restaurants, the Showroom, and the historic lodge. It continues to be incredibly heartwarming to hear and read the Cal Neva stories and memories so many people have shared with us about their experiences through the years at Cal Neva. We look forward to creating new memories with the community.


Question: What is the latest update on the project?

Answer: As we continue with the planning and design of the project, we are grateful for, and have taken to heart, the input and feedback we've received from the community over the past year. This summer, we are looking forward to starting some site work that is focused on enhancing the stormwater systems and utility upgrades. Crews will also be conducting forest health activities including ladder fuel reduction and wildfire mitigation. To preserve the historic lodge, workers will begin necessary structural upgrades based on engineering assessments. We will also be starting environmental abatement in the low-rise. You can expect increased activity on site from July through October. 

Question: How can I support this project to make sure it happens?

Answer: We welcome your support and thank you! To submit a comment and be added to our email list please sign up here.

Question: How will this renovation help the water and environmental quality of Lake Tahoe?

Answer: All renovation and new construction on the site are planned to be consistent with the current Best Management Practices (BMP) in water quality and stormwater management. Our goal is to further support the environmental quality of the lake and surrounding environment.


Question: What about increased traffic and congestion?

Answer: We acknowledge the importance of using public transportation options and multi-modal pathways available in the area. As we continue to collaborate with transportation organizations, we plan to incorporate multi modal offerings for employees and guests so that we can be a part of the solutions within the community. We are focused on walkability, e-bikes, local and regional transit, micro transit, and other options. Following the redevelopment, hotel guests will be encouraged to park their cars and utilize public transit, shuttles, bikes, and pathways during their stay.


Question: Will there be a workforce housing component to this project?

Answer: We understand the critical need for workforce housing in the greater Tahoe region. Our team continues to meet with various community leaders and other private landowners to explore options and solutions to workforce housing. We will continue to provide updates as we make progress.

Question: What is the project timeline?

Answer: The revitalization is underway this summer to preserve, improve and bring back the Cal Neva. We are targeting a grand opening of 2026 to celebrate and honor Cal Neva’s 100th Anniversary with the community.

Question: Is the new property going to be a hotel or condominiums?

Answer: Cal Neva will be a hotel only project with no for sale product.


Question: What will happen with the tunnels underneath the property?

Answer: Previous to our ownership, many of the tunnels had been filled in. We are looking at how we can utilize parts of the remaining tunnels underneath the historic lodge.

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